Derek Ferebee decided to take a trip out West in the Fall of 2005 to visit three places he always wanted to see. The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. He packed up his Subrau Outback and headed West in September of 2005. His goal was to reach the Grand Canyon in 5-6 days. Derek stayed off the interstate and decided on the smaller highways where he drove slower and could get off the road quickly to take a photo. During the trip toward the Grand Canyon, Derek stopped at Carlsbad Caverns, The Painted Desert, El Morrow Monument and a host of other wonderful and unexpected landmarks. He didn’t make the Grand Canyon in 6 days, it took 10 days before he arrived. But he was excited about all the out of the way places he visited. After two months on the road he returned to Pensacola and decided to open his own photography business. While setting up shop, a friend told him he should write a children’s book using the photos he took of the remote control truck in the various locations. That is how Dodger was born. Derek is writing the second book based on Dodger’s travels up the East Coast. This book will teach children about the East Coast from Florida to Maine. The focus will be the history of the America, from the 13 colonies to today and how the East Coast cities forged the new nation. Places Dodger visited include Savannah, Charleston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.    
Dodger travels around the country learning and experiencing new things
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Dodger Goes West
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