His trip to the West was a two month journey that took him from Pensacola, Florida to South Dakota. He traveled thorough Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and finally South Dakota. He saw 13 National Parks and countless state and local parks. He encountered numerous animals such as deer, antelope, bald eagles, buffalo, elk, prairie dogs, and many others.
Dodger is a remote control truck who had the great fortune to travel around the Western United States on a journey of discovery. During the trip, he learned about the history, geography and geology of the American West. Since his first trip around the West, he has been fortunate to travel to many other places. Check out www.wheresdodger.com to see where else he has traveled.
Who is Dodger?
photo of Grand Canyon with Dodger. Photo by Derek Ferebee
Follow Dodger around on his many adventures and learn about the places he visits. Read about geology, geography and history.
Check out Derek’s photography at www.ferebeephotographic.com
Dodger Goes West
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